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Guidance helps you

Become a better people leader
Stop spinning your wheels
Replace uncertainty with clarity 
Help see past your own self
Pump up your courage and confidence
Realise more of your potential


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Not a consultant, mentor or therapist.
A coach is ...

All Seeing
Can hold down a dialogue around anything; they don’t need industry-specific experience to be powerful and impactful
Asking Powerful Questions
And they don't hand out advice... because the best advice is created by you
Present & Future Focused
A coach focuses on the present and the future
Your Partner In Crime
A coach is an ally, a thinking partner, and a champion to help you take leaps, spark change or play bigger

What's the difference?

A consultant is a subject matter expert that provides solutions and tells you what to do. A coach comes in and asks questions and doesn't hand out advise... because the best advice that creates lasting change is produced by you.
A mentor passes down expertise earned from lived experiences. They share personal opinions, what they know to be true and act as an adviser. Oftentimes, it's an informal relationship. A coach does not need to have experience or expertise.
 A therapist deals with the past to restore health in the present. A coach is present and future focused.


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What's in it for you?

An Unbiased Thinking Partner
Someone who is invested in your success, not their own your friends and family
Be Held Accountable
Be challenged to put your plan to work, and see tangible results
Get Unstuck
Simplify your decision making and create long lasting, sustainable progress to navigate future hurdles.
Confidence & Courage
A spark, a kick of inspiration and healthy dose of direction without the second-guessing effect of confusion.

Who's guidance for?

It’s not reserved for people in big, executive jobs. Ambition is relative. If you feel like you've got potential, then Guidance is for you. Because growing is for everyone.

It's all about y-o-u.

Don’t go at it alone. Whether it’s a new job, a life shake-up, or audacious goal you're after, invest in yourself by investing in guidance.

We help make the process of getting 1:1 Guidance more seamless and strategic, and less serendipitous. Grow with intention.

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