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Direct & anytime access to a collective of vetted and curated Guides. Life coaches, leadership coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, wellness coaches, health coaches, communication coaches and more. Get a Sphere of Guides that’s customized to your unique needs, and evolves just as you do.
Hiroko - Flow, Mindfulness, Wellbeing
Louise - Leadership, Empowerment, Transformation
David - Leadership, Goals, Performance
Taraneh - Purpose, Mindfulness, Spirituality

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The smoothest way to commit to your potential. Getting coaching is like going to the gym, you don’t get fit by working out once. Commitment breeds transformation. Invest in a membership and get credits to book coaching sessions with the Guides that are right for you.
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"I have been using Sphere as a support tool to manage some large transitions in my life. The guides I worked with helped me re-focus and re-prioritize, as well as take concrete action steps to re-define my values and overall vision."
Kelly Sherstobitoff Portrait
Kelly Sherstobitoff, Account Director & Seeker
"Use Sphere if you're looking to find a phenomenal coach without searching endlessly for the right fit."
Ed Blunderfield Portrait
Ed Blunderfield,  Head of Growth & Community & Seeker
“I used Sphere to get clarity, direction and guidance with growing my business. I don’t have a business partner, so being able to talk to someone whose sole  intention is to help me make great decisions was incredibly helpful.”
Brittany Buntain Portrait
Brittany Buntain — Founder, Small Business Owner, & Seeker
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