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Get Matched to Your Perfect Coach

Our matching algorithm will intelligently connect you to Guides that are your best fits, selected from our personally vetted, professionally trained coaches. We listen to you and match you, the way Google just can't.
Professionally trained coaches
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Make instant bookings through our smart calendar technology. No back-and-forth emails to schedule a session. Syncs seamlessly with your calendar.
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Grow With Guidance

You grow. We take care of the rest. Connecting, scheduling and hosting all happens in one place.
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"I have been using Sphere as a support tool to manage some large transitions in my life. The guides I worked with helped me re-focus and re-prioritize, as well as take concrete action steps to re-define my values and overall vision. I look forward to getting deeper in my work with Sphere and will continue to utilize the guides through this period of great change."
Kelly Sherstobitoff Portrait
Kelly Sherstobitoff, Account Director & Seeker
"Use Sphere if you're looking to find a phenomenal coach without searching endlessly for the right fit."
Kelly Sherstobitoff Portrait
Ed Blunderfield,  Head of Growth & Community & Seeker
“I used Sphere to get clarity, direction and guidance with growing my business. I don’t have a business partner, so being able to talk to someone whose sole  intention is to help me make great decisions was incredibly helpful.”
Kelly Sherstobitoff Portrait
Brittany Buntain — Founder, Small Business Owner, & Seeker


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You've got questions.
We've got answers.
Help! How do I download Sphere?

Sphere is in beta. This means you cannot find Sphere publicly on the app store. We are using TestFlight, a program that tests the early versions of an app. Click 'get early access' above, enter your email and we will send you the top-secret link.

Currently, to download Sphere you need to be on an iPhone (& we are only available to Canadians while in beta).

What is a Sphere Guide?

Not just anyone can be a coach on Sphere. All of our Guides have been personally vetted and have:

  • Experience, qualifications, certification, and/or training related to their coaching practice
  • A pre-existing professional practice
  • Strong client and community referrals
  • A track record of success helping clients make powerful progress;
  • An insatiable passion for this work
  • A commitment to their continued learning and development (the best Guides are always growing too!)

And there is a difference between a coach, consultant, mentor, and therapist. Sphere specializes in offering coaching experiences and we are definitive about what that means. If you have questions feel free to email us at

How can I talk to a human?

Oh. Hey! We've got your back.

Every single person on our small but mighty team is on rotation covering our customer support channels. We see this as a meaningful opportunity to get to know you.

  • When you have a Sphere Guidance session - we’ll know and we’re all hands on deck for you. If it's an emergency, phoning us is best.
  • Outside of your Guidance sessions, we are also available from 9 am EST - 5 pm PST on weekdays.

Our number: 1-833-777-4373 (you can text too)
Our email:

Which devices can I use to access the Sphere app? iOS vs. Android?

Currently, to download Sphere you need to be on an iPhone (& we are only available to Canadians while in beta). We’ve got a vision for Android in our future. 

How much does Sphere cost?

The Sphere app is free to download. Once you download the app, we’ll ask you a few questions, our algorithm will work its magic, and based on the information you provide, we'll offer up your Sphere of Guides (5 best-fit coaches). For, Seekers, payment details are only required when booking coaching sessions with Sphere Guides. The kicker: You can book a free 15-minute discovery session to connect with the Guide before you invest in the paid sessions.  

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