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Sphere Is Here, but What is Sphere?
Sphere Take-off

Why I Started a Technology Company for Coaching

I was 20 years old when I started my first company. I was catapulted in a leadership position where I was hiring and scaling teams who were mostly peers my same age and older. At the same time, I was going through two judicial court cases after being raped and, later, attacked in my own home. I sought out guidance to continue to grow, not only as a business leader but in other aspects of my life.

Since then, I’ve had many coaches over the course of my career, and have first-hand experienced how powerful and transformational coaching conversations are.
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After stepping away from my first business, I naturally fell into the space of guidance. Organically, my own personal coaching practice was ignited. 

Six months after having our second baby, I started to ramp my practice back up. I was ready to expand my reach and turn it into something meaningful, efficient, effective and engaging from end-to-end. I was keen to connect with clients across the globe. And one question kept cropping up:

‘How are we going to find each other?’

I opened my laptop and hashed out what would be the first business plan for Sphere. And since that first draft, things have changed. But the core tenet and vision is the same:

To democratize coaching. To bring the experience of guidance out of the boardroom and into everyday life. To help connect individuals with their potential, and give them an unbiased thinking partner and high impact conversations to achieve their goals, take leaps, spark change and play bigger.

Devon Brooks
Devon Brooks, CEO & Creator
Solving What Cripples Coaches and Those Seeking Guidance
Sphere Guide
For Guides
As a coach, there were zero options when it came to integrating business development, admin and management into one branded experience, and platform. And nothing that took care of finding and connecting you to clients.
Sphere Seeker
For Seekers
There wasn’t a way for prospective people to find best-fit guides other than those who had paid their way to the top of Google rankings — which didn’t guarantee a match. No marketplace that connected coaches and those seeking coaching seamlessly.
Sphere is a coaching one-stop-shop, hitting all the pain points in accessing and delivering Guidance. It is one-click-wonder for the coaching space.

We're honored you're here

A pioneer, you've discovered Sphere in our earliest of days. You've expressed interested in our vision  — a more conscious, curious world through coaching —  and a product that supports just that. Thank you. We're incredibly honored and humbled.

For the past year-and-a-half my hardworking team and I have been grinding it out, giving it our all, to get Sphere ready for lift off. 

Why? Because coaching has the power to shift thinking, unlock potential and support humanity. And, we want you to be able to access with ease. So you can grow, whenever and wherever.

We are crossing a big-time milestone - a real live beta release. And the only thing missing is you.

It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Sphere.

To growth and stellar guidance,
Devon & Team Sphere

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